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Spring come early? Still, it's Chicago!? We'll see, but we do know that in April we'll see a few menu tweaks, and our big project is working on our bakery and coffee lineup. We have a new espresso machine that we're going to do some fun stuff with, and even more exciting, Libby Killgore has joined us as baker & pastry chef. This cuisine can be very bakery-centric, which we've hinted at, but we can do more (and will). Libby will start by working on our dinner dessert menu and our Fri-Sun brunch offerings; however, we're aiming for a full 7 day a week morning through dinner service starting sometime in April. Our new awning (below) hints at this. More to come.

We support José Andrés World Central Kitchen, feeding peoples in Ukraine, Gaza, Israel, and other areas in crisis, and you can too with a little round up on your check when in next.

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