Fiya is our collage of neighborhood spots in Israel. We have a daughter who is a dual citizen of Israel and the U.S., so we get over there frequently for "research". Fiya revolves around a wood-burning oven turning out fresh pita, among many other foods. What we especially love about the cuisine is that it is healthy yet delicious, very veggie and fruit forward. And we have a great bar and big, lush (come mid-summer) patio. At Fiya, we come to our cuisine through the lens of the Israeli melting pot, while knowing that its lineage is profoundly Arab, Kurdish, African, and that of other Levantine cuisines among still others. We aspire to honor the heritage of the food, and to welcome all to the restaurant, especially the wonderful diversity that is Andersonville.



5419 North Clark Street, Chicago

312 493-0443


Kitchen Hours (Bar Later):

Mon, Wed, Thu: 12 - 9

Fri, Sat, Sun: 11 - 9:30

Brunch: Sat, Sun 11 - 3

Closed Tuesdays


Do not email for reservations. Call the restaurant (but we don't take them for the outdoor patio, but it's usually not a long wait, if at all).